The trial started in heavy rain and extreme cold.

Keeper Mark Williams and his team of stops worked hard to keep the late season pheasants in the beat of the trial.

The guns shot very well and judges Peter Jones and Wayne Grieg gave every dog a good run.

1 Paul Bone with cs.b. Huic Russian Dancer

2 Malcolm Timms with cs.b. Brackenpark Mayar

3 E. Kennard with cs.b. Fieldvale Fanatic Flyer of Braebate

4 T. Ballinger with cs.b. Windmillwood Penny of Ammerdown

CoM Andy Creed with cs.b. Jaspers Black Riddle

CoM L. Dewis with cs.b. Cundriebrook Katrina

CoM P. Booth with cs.b. Sparginn Beeshnut

CoM N. Cook with cs.b. Rowston Simone

Guns’ Choice Hazel Crocker with cs.b. Fordrock Lucky Sweep

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