Judges for the day were Robin Wise, Gilly Nickols, Ron Jeffery and Kelvin Nettleingham.

The entry of 16 gun dogs was divided into two groups then split with the judges, either left or right, to sit through a simulated drive by the lakes.

A variety of water and blind retrieves from the lakes and the cover followed.

Twelve dogs were taken forward to a walk-up through the bracken on the gentle slopes above the lakes where a mixture of marks and blinds kept everyone on their toes.

Nine dogs remained for a pick-up from various areas of cover along and across the valley, which took the competitors down to six.

The final simulated drive at the water’s edge had a number of distractions falling in the lake, after which the dogs were sent for a blind from a specified area across the lake and up the valley into the trees.


1. Clare Wood with lab.d. Olivertash Brave of Hatchfield

2. Helena Sully with lab.d. Braidenvale Speiran of Quabrook

3. Penny Allanson-Bailey with lab.b. Kenmilfore of Storm

4. Helena Sully with lab.b. Quabrook Tay

CoM Lindsey Davies with lab.d. Wendearose Dime

CoM Nick Potts with lab.b. Wadeshot Honey