Thanks to all who helped on the day and to sponsors, Wonderdog.



1. J. Henderson with Blynwell Daiquiri

2. N. Kibble with Blynwell Martini Splash

3. B. McDowell with Squareclose Yosser


1. N. Kibble with Sea Swallow

2. K. Cousins with Gorton’s Island Lass

3. I. Hollern with Brackenbird


1. D. Sorley with Anson Anne of Denbank

2. D. Leitch with Garshore Brier

3. D. Lissett with Buccleugh Opel (owned by Duke of Buccleugh)

  • sharon hannah

    hi, i was wondering if it would be possible to place a small appeal in your magazine. our 2 yr ols springer spaniel disappeared on a walk at glen clova on the 19th of september, we have done all the usual things, police facebook friends posters and local paer appeals and still have heard nothing, we wondered if putting something in your magazine would make people in the gundog world aware and maybe they might look out for him.