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Camouflage clothing

Do I have to wear camouflage clothing?

Q: I recently kitted myself out with a pre-charged airgun and, having spent much of my free time practising on paper targets, I feel that I’m a good enough shot to tackle live quarry. My only concern is that most airgun shooters wear a lot of leaf-print camouflage clothing, and…

BSA Mercury

BSA Mercury airsporter reviewed

In the 1970s, when I was a teenager and mad keen on air rifles, there were two camps you fell into. You were either a British BSA or Webley shooter or a German Weihrauch or Feinwerkbau user. I was defi nitely in the Teutonic camp as my Weihrauch HW35 went everywhere I did. However, as pocket…


Controlling rabbits with firearms certificated air rifles (FAC)

What’s the best way to approach rabbit control? That depends on a considerable amount of factors, including habitat, land use, neighbouring land, and so on, for each job. On very few occasions can you rely on just one method to control rabbits where a landowner will be satisfied. This year, I have been using my…

airgun licensing

Ministers debate airgun safety

The comments were made by CA head of shooting Liam Stokes following a debate about the use of airguns by under-18s that took place in Parliament earlier this month. The Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Bill was passed in July 2015, making it illegal to possess an airgun without a licence in Scotland after 31 December this year. Its introduction was…

garden airgunning

Garden airgunning

Anyone who has a moderate sized garden probably has sufficient space to set up a shooting range for an air rifle, and there is no better time to do it than in the summer. Provided the weather plays ball, long warm evenings mean there is often time to sneak in the odd session after work, which is very…

Back to basics with an airgun

Back to basics with your airgun

“The more I practice, the luckier I get,” is a saying most commonly attributed to golfer Gary Player; but whoever said it first, the principle is just as important for those of us who shoot rifles. Particularly powerful rifles. We all pay lip service to the need for practice, practice and more practice but very few of us…

air rifle

Own an airgun? Planning on visiting Scotland?

  A:  The Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2015 comes into force on 1 January 2017. After that date, a visitor to Scotland who wants to bring his or her air weapon with them must apply to the Chief Constable of Police Scotland for a visitor permit and will have…

air rifle

Shooters decry airgun licence fee

The Scottish Government has finally confirmed that the new airgun licence fee will be £72 for new applications. Visitor permits will be £20, while there will be a £5 charge for existing shotgun and firearm certificate holders. Shooting organisations, which opposed the introduction of the new legislation, have once again voiced concerns. “While…

Scottish air gun licensing

Airgun licensing campaign is inadequate, warns BASC

 BASC says the Scottish  Government’s new campaign to raise awareness about the licensing of airguns is inadequate, amid concerns that individuals could unwittingly become criminals by possessing forgotten airguns. From 31 December, it will be an offence to use, possess, purchase or acquire an airgun in Scotland without holding the new…

Best airguns

Nine of the best airguns

In the market for buying a new airgun? Look no further, we have rounded up the nine best airguns on the market. Weihrauch HW100 K, HW100 TK Length: 96cm Weight: 3.3kg with moderator What it offers: This impeccably finished pre-charged air rifle combines refined performance with rugged build quality. The HW100…

man shooting rifle

9 questions about air rifles – and 9 answers

  Can I use a high-powered air rifle to shoot Muntjac? Absolutely not – it’s completely illegal and here’s why … What’s the legal age to carry a .22 air rifle? Do you need to be supervised by someone older if you are under 18?  Which pellet is best for…

crow shooting

The right rifle for crow control

Crow shooting is no longer solely for shotgunners. Bruce Potts investigates the relative merits of centrefi res and rimfires for a safe and humane despatch


Scottish airgun licences required by New Year

It will be illegal to hold an airgun without a licence from 31 December, but BASC says that the “lead in” period is shorter than anticipated and could place an extra burden on the police. Apply for a certificate from 1 July The Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Michael Matheson, last…

airgun bill

8 airgun questions we’re often asked

1. Which pellet is best for my air rifle?  It all depends on whether your air rifle is spring powered, pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) or powered by carbon dioxide. Discover what our expert advised. 2. Which are the best air rifles for shooting rabbits? Wondering what the ideal air rifle calibre is for…

secondhand webley patriot

Second-hand Webley Patriot

All you need to know about a secondhand Webley Patriot, including how this high-powered air rifle with impressive pellet strike shaped shooting

airgunning in winter

Airgunning in the cold

A lot of airgunners are fair-weather shooters; they take to the fields and the woods when the temperature is warm and the days are long, then pack their rifles away as soon as the chill of autumn sets in. As lovely as it is to enjoy our sport when the…