PC Leivers said: “It is clear these people have no respect for the countryside and even less for the people trying to earn a living from it. I’ve had positive feedback from keepers and landowners since we caught the individuals and they have been reassured the positive police action will continue.”

  • Dudley Nicol

    If we are to continue to enjoy this sport we have to take pride in being responsible. Behaving well opens doors and widens the options for all of us.Irresponsible behaviour closes those doors for ever. Poachers are thieves and if you have ever had anything stolen you will recall how violated you feel.
    In the long run you can make a greater contribution by being constructive.Get involved with supporting the people who cater most for this sport and have the good intention to continue it.
    It’s only a change in attitude that is required.There is nothing heroic about poaching its the dumb option.

  • steven mcglachie

    Its a real shame North Yorkshire Police, don’t put in as much of an effort, we have poachers 3 times a week i report it time and time again and nothing gets done.