The new 12 bore 686 Silver Pigeon Universal has fixed chokes and is suitable for both clay and game shooting.

Available with 28″ or 30″ barrels, it will be the cheapest Beretta gun on sale at just £1,460.

Beretta Silver Pigeon Universal

Buyers should expect the same level of mechanical refinement in the Universal as in the rest of Beretta’s range, along with high quality finishing including scroll engraving on the action.

The guns will arrive with dealers this month, and come complete with a Beretta case and spare rubber recoil pad.

For more information, contact your local gun dealer.

  • George

    Hello I wil sell e gun ( Baretta S0 4) can I do that ? I m from Belgium.

  • george

    In your poll,”are birds out of range past 50 yards
    i have put no.
    for most of us(and that includes me),the answer
    i would say is probabley yes,but for crack shots i
    would say no,(hope this doesn’t sound like i’ve been drinking!)look at people like george digweed)a
    perfect example for the no vote.
    for me it’s the good old 25 to 35 yards,as i would suspect is for most people,keeping this in
    the range of reasonable shot patterning.