The Badger Trust has won an appeal against the High Court’s refusal to grant a judicial review on badger culling in Wales. The court ruling in Cardiff prevented the cull from going ahead because the Welsh Assembly Government had not been specific enough on how widespread trapping and shooting would be. The judgement could hold up the Welsh cull for months and also delay planned English culls.

  • Stripy Badger

    I Agree wiTh Keith 26July. The Badger Trust and all their supporters have justly succeeded in protecting the Badgers and any goverment is going to find it very difficult to justify a kill of Badgers in the future. I hate all killing espeacialy for so called sport. Anyone who likes to shoot their fellow creatures in my opinion is either bad or has no sensitivity. Do you shooters know what its like to be shot? Do you have imagination? If you must hunt creatures do it with a camera and leave the creatures alive for others to see and enjoy living creatures not dead ones.

  • Keith

    Not strictly true – the court ruled in favour of the Badger Trust on THREE points, not ONE – the Welsh Government had not been specific enough on how widespread the cull would have been, SECOND – the cull would NOT have achieved a SIGNIFICANT reduction in bTB breakdowns, as required under the Animal Health Act in order to enact a cull, and THIRD – the Minister had failed to carry out a “balancing process” which showed that the effects of culling of badgers was compared to or “balanced” against the results in cattle breakdown. As a result of the second and third points, WAG were instructed by the court that they could not simply redraft the Act to restrict the area covered, in order to get round the first point. This means that the Welsh Government must completely rethink their policy, as to allow a cull to proceed, they must show it will produce a substantial reduction, which the science simply does not support.