The Countryside Alliance is challenging the Crown Prosecution Service's decision to consult the League Against Cruel Sports before it decides whether to follow through with a prosecution

Three men accused of illegally hunting stags have been told that the CPS will consult the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) before deciding whether to pursue a case.

The CPS said it would take eight days and over £100,000 to prosecute the members of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds, who have pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The Countryside Alliance, in response, is writing to the Attorney General Dominic Grieve about the case.

“It has never been clear what evidence the CPS thinks it has, but relying on the advice of a pressure group like the LACS is quite disgraceful and can only lead to further abuse of the criminal justice system and waste of public money,” said Tim Bonner, director of Campaigns for the Countryside Alliance.

“It is the CPS’s role to make an independent judgment on the merits of evidence provided by the police. There should be no role for pressure groups in that process and the fact that the CPS is relying on such input reveals exactly why it is making such bad decisions. We welcome the suggestion that the CPS carries out a high level review of this prosecution and hope that it brings a halt to this process as soon as possible.”

Joint masters David Greenwood and Rupert Andrews and huntsman Donald Summersgill are charged with hunting a wild mammal with a dog. They deny the allegations.

The case has been adjourned until next month.


  • Are they also to be consulting the KKK and BNP next?

  • Nigel

    The latest attempt to prosecute hunt staff was announced just after the failed prosecution of the Banwell two, just why the CPS want to aid the LACS in another PR stunt to cheer the LACS membership is beyond me. My guess is the CPS are so bitter and twisted at losing the last court case they want to pair with the other half of the comedy act akin to Laurel & Hardy and take to the stage once again and attempt revenge. Why they should be so bitter would be totally incomprehensible to the public when they learn at the last trial the comedy duo (CPS&LACS)put up a claimed independent expert witness who features extensively in a report called ” The misuse & abuse of science in support of the hunting the act” ……… could not make it up. Furthermore their partners in this comedy duo, the LACS have a string of ASA adjudications against them where they have attempted to mislead the public. Here is just one- —-The ASA determined that LACS was misleading and inaccurate in a pamphlet about hare hunting and coursing, including using no-longer-accurate data from 1951 when current information was easily available—–. To cap it all, their leader Douglas Batchelor for many years until 2012 caused controversy at Government inquiry in 2000 when he claimed to the inquiry he had pioneered sheep housing in wales. Someone heard this and wrote to the inquiry stating categorically this was not true —-“Douglas Batchelor did not pioneer sheep housing in wales, e.g, I was doing it on my farm some 10 -15 years before Douglas Batchelor came on the scene” ——By all means Dominic Grieve Attorney General you let the CPS get into bed probably the most dishonest charity in the country and number of members of the public having confidence in you and the CPS will fall to roughly what their membership stands at currently below 3,000.