In response to increasing demand for high quality technical advice relating to farmland conservation and environmental stewardship, Oliver Yiend joins the firm as south of England technical advisor and Meehal Grint has been appointed north of England technical advisor.

Both share a keen interest in game and countryside management and will work with landowners, game managers and farmers, providing technical advice and support on matters such as cover crops whilst simultaneously promoting the benefits of conservation.

Manager of Kings Game Cover and Conservation Crops, Richard Barnes, said: “We expect Oliver and Meehal to be very busy in the coming months and years.

“Farmers and land owners are becoming increasingly interested in integrating farm management with sporting interests and stewardship schemes.

“Although the rewards for getting involved in conservation can be high both in terms of financial returns and providing habitat benefits to the shoot, the complexities surrounding many of these issues mean it can be quite daunting.

“That’s why providing expert advice as well as supplying the correct, high quality product is essential.

“Initiatives such as those put in place by the Campaign for the Farmed Environment encourage the use of land to stimulate farmland wildlife and consequently conservation and game cover crops are sectors where we are seeing rapid growth.

“These new appointments ensure that we can help guide and advise our customers on the best way to get involved with these schemes and extract maximum benefit for the wildlife, the land and their businesses.”

Meehal Grint - Northern technical advisor, KingsMeehal Grint, northern technical advisor for Kings Game Cover and Conservation Crops.

Mr Grint said: “Working for Kings over the last three years has been great and I’m looking forward to this new challenge.

“Kings is the leading supplier of game cover and conservation crops and as I have a personal interest in all aspects of country pursuits and a degree in conservation biology, I am in the privileged position of having a job that is also my hobby and passion.

“It’s great working so closely with customers who clearly have the same level of enthusiasm for the countryside as me.

“This new role as a dedicated northern technical adviser gives me the chance to further develop the relationships I have with customers in the region.

Oliver Yiend - South of England technical advisor, Kings Oliver Yiend, south of England technical advisor for Kings Game Cover and Conservation Crops.

Mr Yiend said: “With the busy period about to start in February it’s an exciting time to join Kings.

“I take an active interest in conservation and am looking forward to making a difference by helping more customers get involved through the various environmental initiatives available.

“By giving customers the right advice on products and services, I can help them improve the quality of their shoot whilst also making a positive impact on the environment.”

For more information, visit the Kings Game Cover and Conservation Crops website or telephone 0800 587 9797.