Deer stalking enthusiasts were keen to hear reports from a recent meeting of the CIC [International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation] Trophy Commission in Vienna, in Austria, suggest significant changes are imminent in the CIC trophy-measuring system embodied in the world-renowned CIC Red Book.

As intimated in Richard Prior?s comments in this year?s English Roe Review, the CIC is looking at changes that will support its worldwide sustainable hunting campaign.

The campaign has achieved success in individual projects in Benin and Tanzania, and in a number of other countries such as Namibia and South Africa, where re-establishing the value of wild game was the objective.

Equally, co-operation is now in place with other measuring authorities with the aim of increasing the adoption of the CIC system as the gold standard for trophy measuring worldwide.

Key to the changes proposed will be the ability to maintain comparability with previous systems and records, more objective assessments backed by scientific research and an increased emphasis on age as an indicator of good management.

Changes to the trophy-measuring system will underpin the ethos of sustainable deer stalking and hunting and will also include international protocols governing measuring fees and medals.

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