Paul Clarke, from Surrey, was previously convicted by a jury of possession of the gun, which he said he had found in a bag in his garden.

Mr Clarke had faced the prospect of a five-year prison term when he was sentenced.

Judge Christopher Critchlow explained that Mr Clarke should have asked police to come immediately, rather than waiting for four days.

He said: ?I understand you were once a soldier, and you in particular ought to have appreciated the danger posed by such a weapon and should have asked the police to come to collect it right away.?

What is YOUR opinion?

  • jerry marcotte

    Damn poor decision on the part of the authorities concerning this matter.A nation that cannot trust its populace with firearms is not a democracy. Also, the difference between being a subject and a citizen. is citizens have liberty.

  • Alan ANSTEY

    Ref The storey of the failure to hand in a shotgun and the two remarks published, that has digressed from the crime to a pop at the Police. First,As an ex soldier he should know the dangers of what he had found?? why did it take him four days to inform the Police? (why abandament? poss involvement in crime?) The police are there to inforce the law and prepare and gather evidence then submit the file to the C.P.S who will study the case papers have a meeting to decide to prosecute or not, in this case to proceed. Then it goes to the courts who decide if guily or not in this case GUILT. Why are the commentators critisising the police these people are ignorent of procedures and if holders of certificates to hold shotguns I would be looking at their mental state to hold such a licence, or are they just anti police due to themselfs running close to the line. Please dont shoot the messengers,the only do the donkey work.


  • jack crompton

    i must say first off that i only know what i have read and im sure there may be more to this.but this only goes to show why we distrust the police in treating you correctly.this guy handed a shotgun in and has been punished for doing what will happen when someone else finds a gun will he hand it in,sell it illegally,keep it or even just leave it for the villans or worse still children to get hold used to be in this country innocent until proven guilty now you must be guilty if you cannot proove your innocence,its a sad state of affairs that this country is being spoilt by authority and police who use there powers against the wrong people.

  • cowboy mike

    hang the judge to save the people.with the missconduct of public officials of late,there are more important issues at hand. the soldier[ex]did the right thing,so i guess as always no good deed goes unpunished.example for the next guy i recon.lets have these judges just ruin peoples names. god bless the man for doing the right thing.