Currently in full swing, you can still take part in the Big Farmland Bird Count (BFBC) identification days.


The BFBC initiative has been overwhelmingly popular and had a fantastic response. Most days are now sold out but if you’d like to get involved you’ll be pleased to hear there are a handful of places remaining on the South Wales ID Day.

The event takes place on Friday 5 February at Llanbethery Village in the Vale of Glamorgan and you can register here.

Attendees recommend ID Days

Over 200 attendees have been to ID Days so far and feedback confirms they would recommend the event to others. The attendees have been lucky enough to see tens of different species, including a flock of over 100 linnet, numerous yellowhammer, reed bunting, skylark, fieldfare and redwing.



One of the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust’s (GWCT)Advisory team, Peter Thompson, who ran several ID days, said: “This was a fantastic start to this year’s event. Our host, Charles Spencer, made it a really special day on his beautiful downland farm. Initial feedback from the event tells us that everyone found it most enjoyable and learnt a lot. They feel they now have a much improved chance of actually being able to identify a LBJ – a little brown job!”

Big Farmland Bird Count ID Day Wiltshire

Attendees at the Wiltshire ID Day

Charles Spencer, who hosted an ID at his farm, said: “I really enjoyed being able to host an ID day and showing people what a bit of work and a solid agri-environment scheme can achieve. Before the day, I was a bit worried that all the people attending might keep the birds in hiding. But the numbers of birds and different species we saw was incredible. I’d like to encourage other farmers to take part – they might be surprised by what they learn. I’m excited to see what I can spot on the BFBC day itself!”

The GWCT’s Big Farmland Bird Count is sponsored by BASF and delivered in partnership with the FWAG Association, LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming), NFU and CLA. Support is received from a range of other partners including RSPB, Kings, Waitrose, Soil Association, CFE (Campaign for the Farmed Environment), Heather Trust, Conservation Grade, Songbird Survival and Countryside Alliance.