Countryfile is one of the most watched tv shows and regularly gets over 8 million viewers every Sunday evening. However a recent episode which featured trainee gamekeepers has prompted a serious backlash


Presenter Matt Baker spent time with students training as gamekeepers. As part of the study, students were taught to shoot deer and butcher the quarry afterwards. The point of the feature was to address some of the misconceptions the public holds about gamekeepers and the voiceover made clear that deer culling was important for environmental reasons, rather than fun. You can watch the clip here. 

Countryfile favourite Matt Baker is no stranger to country pursuits. His parents were sheep farmers in Durham and so he was well positioned to present the story.

However, the piece struck a wrong note with many viewers who took to social media to express their disapproval.

On the plus side, many viewers were pleased to see another point of view put forward, which might seem at odds to Countryfile’s sometimes ‘fluffy’ image of the countryside.

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  • Daryl Syrett

    What a load of nonsense!!!
    I guess the majority of people who have an issue with this subject live in a town and shop at tesco’s where they purchase their meat prepacked. Having no understanding of the processes involved.
    Another word maybe ignorance!!
    Well done Country File!!

  • Bob Glanville

    Well done countryfile, show it as it is, no frills, no embellishments, just the facts,however unpalatable that may be to the Disney generation. We used to have outstanding programmes such as out of town,country boy which showed people the way it is,could countryfile be the herald of such programmes again, I do hope so.