One of Shooting Times?s gamekeeping specialists, David Whitby, has warned that media reports of urban foxes growing to super-sized proportions through feeding on food scraps should be treated with caution. His comments came after a 27lb, 4ft-long fox was captured and killed in Maidstone, Kent.

Mr Whitby, headkeeper at Petworth Park, in West Sussex, said: ?It has always been the case that foxes in more barren areas of the countryside are considerably smaller because of dietary reasons, but it is too soon to say that this is a genetic change because of fish and chips thrown on the pavement.”

The rest of this article appears in the 12th January issue of Shooting Times.

  • Alan Boyle

    The super size foxes are not a new thing, I seen a program years ago about some Russian scientist that got a group of foxes and inter-bread them and this is where the collie dogs come from.
    They had the different sized off spring kept in separate breading programs, these varied from small to the larger.
    We have the SUPER KING RAT these days so the big foxes is no big surprise really