DEFRA is consulting on a proposal to issue licences to farmers and landowners who wish to cull and/or vaccinate badgers at their own expense. Licences would be subject to strict criteria to ensure that badger control is done effectively, humanely and with a high regard for animal welfare.

?Bovine TB is having a devastating effect on many farm businesses and families, especially in the west and south west of England,? said the food and agriculture minister, Jim Paice. ?Last year, 25,000 cattle were slaughtered because of the disease and it cost the taxpayer more than £63million in England alone. We can?t go on like this. It?s clear that the current approach has failed to stop the spread of this terrible disease. We need to take urgent action to halt its spread.?

The rest of this article appears in 22nd September issue of Shooting Times.

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  • roger gooda

    surely the only valid comment can be from livestock farmers who must be able to protect their stock