Shooting organisations and sporting agents are urging shooters that are waiting to snap up a last minute bargain to buy days now or miss out on sport next season.

“The time to buy bargain shooting for next season is now,” a spokesman from BASC told Shooting Times, adding: “I would caution anyone against sitting on their hands in the hope that prices will fall. On the whole, shoots’ prices are already as low as they can be.”

Sporting agents are warning that Guns need to commit to shooting for next season. Roxtons’ director of shooting, John Duncan, told Shooting Times that though he has seen good demand from his US and European clients, there has been a defi nite reduction in demand from UK-based clients. “This is quite understandable in the current climate as people are hurting financially and redundancies are commonplace. However, we know there are people waiting to book shooting because they feel there will be deals to be had later in the year. Having recently spoken to numerous estate owners all over the country, this is just not going to be the case as they are planning to cut their poult orders and rearing programmes to fit the amount of days they have sold so far,” explained Mr Duncan.

He added: “Decision time for estate owners is fast approaching and they will have to make some tough calls, which could lead to further redundancies, so we are asking clients to let us know their final thoughts now, even if the answer is no. At least owners will then be better placed to make the appropriate commitments for the year ahead.”

The rest of this article appears in 9 April issue of Shooting Times.

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  • P Jennings

    Shoot owners are encouraging early booking to ensure they do not make a loss.
    Guns should wait to see if there are any bargains

  • Louise

    As a shoot owner I can confirm that having reduced the cost of a days shooting we will only be placing enough birds to cover whatever shooting is booked by the end of May. I have been told there are a number of teams waiting to see what bargains there might be but they are going to be without shooting this season as shoot owners are not going to take a chance, I think those days are gone and shoot owners are going to be tightening belts for quite a few years to come in order to get over the last two years at least, with corn prices causing big problems and then the credit crunch, shoots have taken big hits and will take a few years to recover.