It has come up with the ideal gift for those shooting over the festive period – a wild grey partridge warning whistle, to help prevent greys from being shot accidentally during a redleg drive.

It’s the perfect present and the Trust says that every beater and flanker should be given one, as a ‘thank you’ gift for working on a local shoot.

The warning whistle has a really loud and distinctive sound, ideal for warning Guns of approaching grey partridges.

Much louder than a dog whistle, it’s audible even through hearing protectors.

The whistle is £2.60 and, together with a huge range of unusual Christmas gifts and cards, can be ordered from the Trust’s online shop at or telephone 0844 557 9630.  

  • Nick

    I cant help but think that guns that have bought a peg on a day will hear this whistle and think its the end of the drive. There must surely be a better way of warning, for too long have many people not understood the differences in Greys and Red Legs. Surely education would be the better step for the survival of the Grey Partridge, to be able to know the differences in the species and difference in appearance is surely every guns responsibility.