The Scottish Venison Working Group (SVWG) has revealed the date of the launch of its campaign to encourage consumers to eat Scottish venison. Eat Scottish Venison Day will be held on 4 September to raise the profile of Scottish venison in the UK. SVWG’s Stephen Gibbs explained: “This is the first time that all Scotland’s main producers of wild and farmed venison have joined together to put their product firmly on the map. We have a distinct edge in promoting the venison that we produce as being Scottish and that is at the heart of this awareness campaign.”

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  • Serena Humphrey – The Deeside Smokehouse

    I have set up a smokehouse at Dinnet on Deeside in Aberdeenshire specialising in smoking game – pheasant and venison. The idea for this came from the necessity to find a market for the pheasant and venison harvested from Dinnet Estate. In particular I produce a dry cured, cold smoked venison which takes on parma ham on anyones plate! I am very supportive of this awareness campaign as consumers need to be made aware of how fantastic this meat is.