The media regulator has published its long-awaited adjudication about a BBC documentary on pedigree dogs.

The controversial programme, which alleged events, such as Crufts, awarded top prizes to unhealthy and inbred animals, led to the BBC deciding not to broadcast the annual dog show for the first time in more than 40 years.

Ofcom ruled the documentary was edited fairly, but did not give the KC proper opportunity to respond to all the allegations.

In a statement, Ofcom said the BBC had not allowed the Kennel Club the right to reply to an allegation about eugenics and a comparison with Hitler and the Nazi Party; or an allegation it covered up the nature of a surgical operation carried out on a Crufts Best in Show winner.

Responding to Ofcom?s ruling, the KC?s chairman, Ronnie Irving said the documentary distorted the KC?s views and failed to show viewers the seriousness with which they take the issue of dog health.

?This review has taken a significant amount of time and the KC now wants to move forward, continuing to work with breed experts, our scientific advisors and the veterinary profession, to ensure all dogs are given the opportunity to lead the healthy, happy lives they deserve,? said Mr Irving.

What is YOUR opinion?

  • Pauline Anderton

    I cannot respect the Kennel Club – perfection at what cost? I have three Cavvies two 5 year olds (not related) and a 5 month pup – all have health problems – my girl has a grade 4 heart murmour, my 5 year boy has “brain floating” syndrome and my pup goes into spasm and loses limb control! As I say – what price perfection? Your organisation is to blame – the perfect dog to us is friendly, healthy and happy – Kennel Club – DISBAND!!!! until you install enhanced breeding criteria and get rid of “supermarket puppy sales” and get over your snob following you need to enbrace RESPONSIBLE breeding – who cares if a contestant has a tail 40 degress south!!!! Snob value is out – responsibility is so IN!!! HELP TO DISBAND PUPPY FARMS – PLEASE