Country groups have called for the latest LACS anti-snaring film to be pulled, describing it as a “deliberate attempt to mislead the public”

Countryside organisations have united in their condemnation of the League Against Cruel Sports’ (LACS) new anti-snaring film, which has been described as misleading nonsense.

Shooting Times revealed that BASC had reported LACS to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the Charity Commission and the Independent Press Standards Organisation for the “scaremongering propaganda” in its new film The Silent Enemy.

The video depicts a man being killed by a snare, comparing his suffering to that of snared animals, without reference to the fact that modern snares are designed to restrain, not kill.


Christopher Graffius, BASC director of communications, further told Shooting Times how important it is for the shooting community to stop LACS spreading misinformation: “It is essential that we do not let extremist organisations like LACS get away with telling lies about wildlife management. It is important that those who wish to see snaring continue to support complaints and make their own. The LACS film is a travesty of what happens in reality and they know it. They have consciously misrepresented legal snaring, where snares are set to catch and restrain, not kill.

The Countryside Alliance (CA) has also lodged a complaint with the ASA, highlighting the video as a “deliberate attempt to mislead the public”. Liam Stokes, CA head of shooting, said: “We are assuming it is deliberate rather than simple ignorance on the part of LACS, but given this is an organisation that has now twice shown it can’t tell a Code of Practice-compliant snare from a non-compliant one, managed to confuse a pheasant with a turkey in its campaign literature and suggested the entire UK population of badgers is snared every year, this video may just be the result of incompetence.”

He continued: “But regardless of whether this video is wilfully misleading or born of ignorance, the advert is simply wrong and needs to be pulled. Snaring is often the only humane method of predator control available to gamekeepers and conservationists.”

A spokesman for the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation was also critical: “In our view the LACS video is nonsense almost from beginning to end, presenting a fictional smoke- and-mirrors account of snaring best practice with the intention of winning over the hearts and minds of the gullible. The film does beg the question, however, why does LACS opt to play fast and loose with the facts? I suspect it is because they know they’d lose the factual argument hands down.”