BASC has criticised suggestions by the Government that shooters could soon be asked to pay up to £200 for their firearms and shotgun licensing ? an increase of 300 per cent.

Crime prevention minister James Brokenshire, announced last week that a review of fees was under way to ensure that the cost of the licensing scheme was met by shooters. He said: ?We have been working on an urgent review around the licence fees so that they are on a full-cost-recovery basis. It doesn?t seem right that the police should be bearing a number of those costs.?

BASC?s director of firearms, Bill Harriman, said: ?We want a consistent approach so all police forces follow Home Office guidelines. This is not being done across the board. They cannot ask for ?full cost recovery? on licence fees before they show that they are efficient, that costs are minimised and that a standardised approach to licensing is applied across the country.?

The cost of a firearm or shotgun certificate is £50 with a renewal cost of £40. An unnamed firearms licensing officer told the BBC that police forces recovered only a quarter of the cost of the work involved in licensing and renewals from the cost of the licence.

The rest of this article appears in 16th February issue of Shooting Times.

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  • Captain Bryn Wayt

    I’ve had a shotgun for neigh on 50 years; at first it cost nothing to be the lawful owner of a shotgun – now the money grabbers are after £200.
    Chief Constable Andy Marsh says it costs, “around £200 each to process”, well that is just a stupid amount, and indicates total inefficiency at the police end of the process.
    How is that MILLIONS of people in the UK can get one of those “European Health Insurance Card” plastic cards delivered FREE to ones door?

    For the last 20 years I have moaned to my local police force on paper about the silly renewal process down the the fact ‘they’ use the same form to renew or issue a licence.
    They send me the form to my home address and what’s the first question on the form, what’s your “Name and address” dohhh.
    Then ‘they’ ask me my Date of Birth: “same as last time I say”.
    Then sex: I have not had a sex-change operation, so insert “male”.
    On it goes.
    The gun cabinet is bolted to the same wall and it’s position has not changed, but Mr Plod has to inspect it (AGAIN).
    I see ‘they’ are to allow on-line applications, well thank God for that; ink, P&P costs are reduced at a stroke, but not the 4 colour photos nausea. Drunk drivers who have killed innocents are not asked to supply 4 colour photos to get a licence every 5 years!
    I asked my local police force under the FoI Act 2000, “How many criminals, using a registered shotgun at the time of their crime, have been jailed in each of the last 3 years, up to and including 31 Dec 2010?”
    Their reply was, “NONE”.
    I asked “what is the total annual cost over the last 3 years for renewals/initial applications?
    The answer was, “Costs relating to visits to certified holders are not separately maintained but are covered by the routine annual budget for Firearms and Explosives Licensing Branch”.

    This £200/licence is a sum grabbed out of the air. Then they witter on that the taxpayer is part-funding my shotgun licence – I happen to be a TAXPAYER too. I also part-fund drug addicts that get their methadone replacement therapy for FREE and part-fund the lazy sods that don’t work but live off “the social” as if it’s their right.

    I don’t mind my doctor sharing appropriate medical information with the police in relation to owning a shotgun, but where does it all end?
    ‘They’ will be wanting an annual diary next of what pests I have killed on my land, or a Q&A paper on pest recognition to prove I know what’s what when I take aim and fire.

    I am fed up to the teeth with the constant growth in “red tape” and the costs involved.
    £50 is plenty to issue me with a little certificate every 5 years – why not make it every 10 years like a drivers licence?
    Careless drivers KILL more innocents on the roads of the UK than shotgun certificate holders ever will – from the stats sits, ” the number of people killed or seriously injured rose to 24,860, a 2% increase compared with the year ending September 2011 figure (24,473).”
    I rest my case (well almost).

  • Frustrated Shooter

    Every time a tragic incident has occured since Hungerford, where legal firearms have been involved, there has been shown to exist some under-lying flaw in the granting of the gunlicence/firearm certificate. In most there has been some mental weakness, usually some agravated form of introversion. Those who support the application need to be much more conscientious in their considerations; in the Dunblane case I believe one of the signators was a relation in a Police Force. Legal responsible certificate holders have been progressively punished since for the ineffective application of the existing laws. THERE WAS LITTLE WRONG WITH THE LAWS THEMSELVES as they stood before Hungerford. When one of these incidents occurs it is given massive publicity and continues to receive it; e.g. the publicity presently being given to the inquest of the deaths in Cumbria – TWO YEARS AGO. These tragic incidents, as a percentage of the legal guns in circulation, are infinitesimal. Politicians, while it is in the public eye, see an oportunity TO BE SEEN TO BE DOING SOMETHING. Thank you media, NOT. Thank you – NOT – politicians for attacking the legal, law-abiding sports men and women which has cost us several Gold medals in the Olympic Pistol Shooting. Make sure the granting of Firearms and Shotgun Certificates is waterproof and acknowledge that nothing is perfect. There is no reason to make such a swingeing increase increase in the fees. The Police Forces are there to provide a service and apply the law. HOW MANY CRIMES ARE PERPETRATTED WITH LEGALLY HELD FIREARMS? LEAVE THE LAW-ABIDING ALONE AND GET ON WITH SAVING BILLIONS NOT THOUSANDS.

  • tester

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