The rare Purdey 12-bore hammer ejector gun is the number one gun of a pair specially built for Lord Ripon in 1895.

The number two gun was sold in 1999 for £40,250 after previously fetching £14,300 in 1985. From 1867 to 1923, Lord Ripon accounted for 556,813 head of game.

He meticulously maintained his gamebook, which records that in more than 46 years he shot 97,503 grouse, 11,258 partridges, 2,454 woodcock, 2,882 snipe, 3,452 wild duck, 30,280 hares, 34,118 rabbits and 382 red deer.

Auctioneer, Gavin Gardiner, commented: ?I am extremely pleased to have been asked to sell this gun, which has such wonderful provenance. I have been working as an expert within the sporting gun field for more than 20 years and nothing causes more excitement among collectors than anything associated to the magnificent Lord Ripon.?

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