More than 200 of Scotland’s leading landowners last week wrote a letter condemning the illegal poisoning of birds of prey, calling on those who do so to feel the full weight of the law.

A letter sent to Scotland’s environment minister Roseanna Cunningham has been signed by 218 landowners so far, including the Dukes of Westminster, Buccleuch, Roxburghe and Argyll, as well as the owners of numerous other noted estates. The letters’ signatories included many members of the Scottish Rural Property and Business Association and the Scottish Estates Business Group.

The rest of this article appears in 26th May issue of Shooting Times.

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  • Anand Prasad

    You have outlined the perfect logic of the RSPB beautifully.
    Where is the flaw?
    If something is scientifically proven it is not a smear.

  • Rupert West

    When Sharpshooter mentions “The lobbyists lurking within the darker recesses of the RSPB” and talks of “Buzzardgate” one conclusion could be to see him as being hysterical or over the top.
    But then imagine reading some of the current statements picked from the current RSPB website
    1/ “Since 2006, 2,578 incidents of bird crime involving or targeting wild birds of prey in the UK have been reported to the RSPB. Shooting, poisoning and trapping continue to be the most frequent forms of illegal killing”
    i.e by implication 2,578 birds have been killed by Shooting, poisoning and trapping.
    2/ “The majority of those found guilty of offences involving birds of prey are associated with the game shooting industry” – By implication game shooting accounts for 2,578 illegal bird of prey killings.
    3/ Regarding red kites and talking about the difference in numbers between the Chilterns and the Black Isle in Scotland (900 birds) “The shocking truth is that this huge difference can be entirely explained by illegal poisoning in areas managed for grouse shooting close to the Scotland release site” – i.e. Mass murder of red kite is happening in scotland.(Probably by those grouse shooting extreamists).
    4/ Regarding hen harriers the RSPB gives the shooting community both barrels by saying
    “Scientific studies by the Government’s nature conservation advisers, Natural England, have found that illegal killing and destruction of nests is the main cause of hen harrier populations being below their natural levels”
    & “Incidents of persecution are strongly linked to land managed for intensive ‘driven’ grouse shooting”
    It’s a pity to see such smear tactics being used against the very groups needed to stabalize our ever dwindling bird population. It’s a pity to see smear being used to suggest law abiding citizens are actually criminals. It’s a pity the RSBP just don’t get it!