Christopher Bayfield, a pigeon shooter from Swavesey, Cambridgeshire, was arrested last week on suspicion of a firearms offence after allegedly firing a single shot in the air to warn two children to get off his land. Neighbours said that Mr Bayfield had been plagued with break-ins, thefts and trespassers after more than 1,000 travellers moved on to a field next to his home. His licence has been revoked and a firearm taken.

  • Jack

    Oh for goodness sake, farmers have been doing this sort of thing to trespassers since firearms where invented. Nobody was hurt, so give this poor chap his gun back. Honestly, this country is becoming more and more pathetic by the day.

  • Mike Hemingway

    This was about the worst thing that he could have done, especially in the prevailing climate that pervades throughout field sports. Regrettably, the only sensible recourse open to this individual would have been through a complaint to police, which may or may not have been acted on. I would hazard a guess that Mr Bayfield’s gun owning days have come to an end, especially with the unique status accorded to “Travellers”. His local Police now have ample evidence to permanently revoke his sgc/fac, and I am certain they will do just that.