The group is running street stalls in town-centre locations around the country to promote its call for “a ban on the production of birds for ‘sport’ shooting in Britain”.

Letters alleging that only a fraction of the shot birds are eaten are expected to appear in local papers? letters? pages this week.

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  • Mike Hemingway

    I could’nt resist taking a look at the Animal aid Website, and it demonstrates vividly, just how far these people will go to push a political point for their own agenda. To suggest that people boycott hotels that serve foi gras to customers, and to avoid items that employ real rabbit skins for decoration, gives their measure. However, the item on Shooting really takes the biscuit, and this is surely worth an active response from BASC and the Alliance. I don’t imagine rationale will cut any ice with Animal aid, but accurate argument might persuade people who are sitting on the fence to come down on Shooting’s side.