Of the species studied, rabbits inflict the highest annual cost to the economy, £263million.

Also included in the research was a case study of the exponential increase of the cost of grey squirrel control.

Environment minister, Richard Benyon, said: “Invasive nonnative species have a significant impact on the British economy and damage our own wildlife. It becomes increasingly difficult and costly to control them as they become more established. Taking early action may seem expensive, but this report shows that it is the most effective approach.”

  • Garry Hardy

    I totally understand what Geoffrey is talking about and it is a real shame that us so called Englishmen do not stand together and look after each other, what i mean is the Scottish are patriotic and so are the Welsh, but the English are loyal to no one but themselves.
    But in the past Englishmen were proper Men and that how we came to build an Empire, now if you walk on another Englishmans land he blows a fuse, PATHETIC.
    Not so much a reply to where we can shoot, just blowing off some steam at what a bunch of weak minded, spineless, unpatriotic people the English have become and it is no wonder we are being treated as the minority in our own Country, it is time to stand up and grow a pair or we will lose everything we once had and there will be no shooting, no hunting, no country walks, no fishing etc etc…….Surely you can see where it is all heading and to those stuck up English farmers, just remember if it was not for your fellow countrymen you would not have as much land as you do, as the Germans would have taken it all, so put something back rather than just lining your pockets and support our sport and our fellow Englishmen.

  • geoffrey denton burkinshaw

    I have visited farms, possibley 300+, in Derbyshire – Yorkshire and Lincolnshire for the last 25 years OFFERING MY SERVICES FOR RABBIT AND PIDGEON CONTROL – Not one single farmer has allowed me to shoot on their land – Even though I have shown them my BASC – CPSA – Game Conservancy and Wildfowling Membership Cards

    Perhaps the opinion of most folks is correct and that Farmers are very wealthy and dont worry about a few thousand pounds per year lossed to bunnies and Pidgeons is Anything to worry about

    Note I dont earn enough to afford for a single days game shooting – I make do with Clays once a month and once a month wildfowling when in season