BASC Northern Ireland is calling on shooters to lobby now for working dogs to be made exempt from a proposed ban on tail docking in the province.

The ban is threatened in a draft Welfare of Animals Bill in Northern Ireland.

The Committee for Agriculture and Rural Development, which will be considering the draft bill next month, has called on the public to provide their views on the subject by 27 August.

BASC is urging individual shooters to call on the committee to consider an exemption for working dogs in the proposed ban.

The committee will examine comments received from the public when their debate on the content of the bill resumes in September.

Subsequently, stakeholders will be invited to give evidence on various aspects of the bill during that debate.

Eventually, the committee will publish its recommendations on changes to the content towards the end of the year.

Those recommendations will influence decision-making on the final content of the bill in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

To have your say on the importance of tail docking in working dogs in Northern Ireland, email the committee: agriculture@niassembly.gov.uk

Will the tail docking ban spread to the UK?

  • wilie hawthorne

    i dont see why docking should be banned if it is done right, some dogs dont look right with their tails,i think tails should be docked as it is cleaner for them,