Currently, Olympic shooters wishing to practice their sport can only do so abroad.

A Department for Culture , Media and Sport (DCMS) spokesman told Shooting Times: “UK Sport and DCMS are committed to doing all we can to maximise our chances of success in 2012 in all Olympic sports.”

“There is agreement in principle across government departments to allow all our athletes to train in the run-up to 2012. Proposed changes are within the existing legislative framework and would only relate to a small squad of elite pistol shooters.”

Following the shootings at Dunblane, more than a decade ago, the 1997 Firearms (Amendment) (No. 2) Act, was passed.

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  • Respectable shooter

    The handgun ban was and still is a massive joke
    It has done nothing, An illegal handgun is still VERY much available to anyone and everyone-at least with the licensed pistol the police knew who had them
    illegal one they don’t have a clue.
    Gun bans and gun control have not worked since 1935
    when the fully auto was banned for civilians
    an example a fully auto AK47 7.62MM can be brought on the underground with 2 loaded mags for around £900.

    Time for our government to wake up and notice the days before the 1988 and 1997 firearms act had little armed crime today young kids can and have got 9mm handguns (Liverpool a gang was interviewed all had a 92F handgun EACH!)
    And no they are not Legal!

    Get a Grip and get the ban over turned BEFORE it causes more trouble which helps no one.

  • George

    When are people in the shooting community going to get serious about coming up against the draconian gun laws? Shooting publications and a websites should be utilizing their medium to organize active campaigns and meetings with politicians.

    To a passer by, it seems shooters here are against any sort of reform. It just feeds the nanny state pushers.

  • Alex Capps

    Its good to see at least some progress as far as deregulation goes. It’s a shame that the good people of the United Kingdom are not allowed to enjoy domestic pistol competitions. Prior to the ban, some of the world’s most renowned hand gunners came from the British Isles.

  • Matthew Seiber

    Further to the sensible comments already made about lifting the ban to legal pistol shooters, illegal pistol shooting is widespread throughout the UK and it remains unseen and unreported. The perpetrators have the freedom to roam and shoot at will; our gun laws are a complete joke. Over the past year I have been engaged in a self funded project investigating roadside gun crime. I have a portfolio of photographic evidence of bullet and shotgun pattern strikes on road signage. Most shoots are drive-bys. I have found 9mm, .38, .32, .45ACP, 7.62/.308, 12/20 bore, .410 and slid shot from 12 bores – 18mm. I have written a book called Gunfire Graffiti – UK, the unseen view of Britains gun crime.Only some local papers have reported it and usually not very well. The national press won’t touch it. Police comment is, no big deal… and Highways Authorities haven’t got a clue what’s going on.A Police Officer and a media official admitted that it was so unbelievable they had thought that I was making it up or had gone out and done it myself.The Sun newspaper looked at the material I sent them and came back with, “Sadly it’s not a story for us”