Shooting and fishing were both praised by Labour MPs at a rural reception hosted by BASC and the Angling Trust at the party?s conference last week. Gavin Shuker MP, shadow minister for environment, food and rural affairs backed the sports, saying: ?We must protect our rural economy and help to promote awareness of the benefits that shooting and fishing bring to it.?

  • Judi Hewitt

    I find it disturbing that Labour still supports shooting but worse those perverse instruments of torture, snares. Most if not all shooting estates use snares which I find completely evil!!
    Most other European countries banned snares years ago but so called animal loving Britain still holds fast to barbaric torture. Labour the so called party of the workers lends more support to middle class and rich shooters than poor working class people who abhor animal cruelty .Labour are still a cold hearted party which are every bit as nasty as the Tories on the issue of snares.