A 41-year-old constable, who has been suspended from duty, will be questioned on suspicion of the theft of shotguns.

It follows the arrest of another Pc, aged 46, over the suspected sale of guns handed to police for destruction.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is supervising the force’s inquiry, thought to relate to more than 100 weapons.

The investigation began after a rifle was stolen during a burglary at a farm in County Durham.

It emerged that its previous owner handed the gun to police for destruction, but it disappeared from the force’s registration system.

The 41-year-old officer has worked in firearms licensing, said Durham Police.

The 46-year-old, who has also been suspended from duty, was questioned on suspicion of malpractice in public office, theft, forgery and deception.

He has since been bailed pending further inquiries.

Speaking earlier this month, Ch Supt Ian Macdonald said the matter first came to light in February.

All the weapons had since been traced to licensed firearm certificate holders, he added.

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  • C. Johnson

    I wonder what will happen to the Firearms now, which have apparently all been found to be in the possession of Certificate Holder’s. If you buy a Car which turns out to be stolen you loose the car. Will the Police recover the Guns for Destruction, or will the fact that the Guns were bought in good faith from a Serving Police Officer be considered & the “owners” allowed to keep them?

  • clifford hillier

    It really do’s the shooting community no good at all to gloat over this case. There will always be bad apples and thankfully these two appear to have floated to the top. This is a fine reflection of our open and accountable policing that this case was reported in the first place. How ever tedious the form filling and paper work is in connection with our certificates is. It proves beyond doubt we are responsible law abiding sportsmen. I for one take some pride in that. I do however like to remind my FAC officer that the only group that regularly shoots people by mistake are the police themselves. In this case in the foot.

  • D. Evans

    It is a discrace upon Durham Police force. It seems the fight on illegal gun crime has surfaced within its own infrastructure. This leaves a negative mark on our sport by the very people who are supposed to ensure legal practice.

  • Lawson Skuse

    If these PCs are found guilty of the offence then they should suffer the full penalty of the law.

    Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

    The below relates only to the possecion of an illegal shotgun so the PCs should serve longer!!!

    Friday 24 April 2009

    Guilty- Joseph Liburd
    The Kirklees Drugs and Gun Crime Team are sending out a clear message to anyone who involves themselves in illegal firearms. You will be caught and you will be dealt with.

    Joseph Liburd, a 42 year old man from Spencer Terrace in Sheepridge Huddersfield has today been found guilty by a jury at Bradford Crown Court of possessing a prohibited weapon under the Firearms Act.

    In November 2007 officers from the Kirklees Drugs and Gun Crime Team executed a warrant at his home address and recovered a sawn off shotgun.

    Immediately after today’s verdict, Liburd was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

    The officer in the case Kirklees Detective Constable, Ian Green says the determination and dedication of the officers paid off:

    “The guilty verdict has vindicated the 18 months of hard work that Kirklees Police and the Forensic Science Service have invested in this case. I would urge anybody with information regarding illegally held firearms to contact Kirklees Drugs and Gun Crime Team on (01484) 436609 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

    Kirklees Detective Sergeant Damian Roebuck also added:

    “This is a substantial sentence and sends a strong positive message to the criminal fraternity that if you harbour illegally held firearms you will serve custodial sentence in prison.”