The association is also calling on the British Shooting Sports Council to mobilise all shooting bodies to back its campaign and organise a protest march in London.

This follows the controversial decision by the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) to hold the Olympic shooting events at Woolwich, using temporary facilities and ignoring the advice of shooting bodies to use the ranges at Bisley, in Surrey.

?The decision means that there will be no legacy for shooting from the Olympic Games,? explained Albie Fox, spokesman for the association.

?For too long UK shooters have bent over backwards to facilitate events such as the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics. What do we get in return? Nothing except more legislation designed to kill off the sport. That is why we are calling on all shooters, judges and range officers to withhold their support as volunteers to run the shooting events,? he added.

?The London 2012 website states that London 2012 will depend on up to 70,000 volunteers to make sure the Olympic Games run smoothly and successfully. Without those volunteers and officials, the Olympic Delivery Authority will need to import the officials necessary to run the events. If we are successful in harnessing the anger currently felt by shooters, the Olympic committee will be severely embarrassed and inconvenienced at Woolwich,? he said.

Let us know what you think about this!

  • Alex Hamilton

    The whole concept of Olympic shooting has been handled with unprecedented incompetence. They are planning a 7500 seat arena at Woolwich and that is probably where the most of the cost is. Shooting has no spectator appeal. None whatsoever! They will be lucky to fill 100 seats.

    Woolwich site is totally unsuitable, but Bisley is not the answer either, so please can we all stop pushing for Bisley and avoid ruining what we have.

    Of all the shooting disciplines ISSF is the least popular. You need to go to Bisley, visit Lord Robert’s Centre and see for yourself. It is deserted most of the time and it “subsists” by renting the range for hockey and other non-shooting activities. And we need to spend an obscene amount of public money to enlarge THAT and bring it to some imaginary standard??

    ISSF as a body is very insular has been anti all shooting disciplines other than the Olympic ones, which has already caused difficulties in France and Germany. Did we hear a single Olympic shooter declare that they would register their protest against the pistol ban in some way – by refusing to accept a gold, perhaps!? Or are they going to pocket it and hope to become famous? I have no problem with that, but that is entertainment. I am a serious multi-discipline target shooter and the Olympics (call it international circus) is nothing to do with me.

  • David Harding

    Kick Labour out before the Olympics and the majorexpenditure starts and perhaps there will be a change of policy. Only Labour seems to misuse public money with such abandon. Perhaps the Olymipic committee should get some backbone, stand up and be counted or be stood down when we have a change of goverment.

  • Jim Smith

    ewan – read my post below as to why I think the Woolwich/Greenwich site is so bad.. Basically it’s expensive and temporary, therefore it has no lasting benefit to shooters

  • Steve Rennie

    I wrote to Ms Jowell re this matter earlier this year and received a non committal reply.
    Since the announcement that the location will be the temporary facility they will build at Woolwich, I have just emailed this second letter to her.

    Dear Ms Jowell

    I wrote to you earlier this year about the total waste of Taxpayers’ money on the Olympic shooting facility.

    My letter outlined the fact that the Olympic committee are going to waste millions of pounds on building a temporary shooting facility at Woolwich, only to demolish it immediately after the games. This would leave no lasting legacy for shooters here in the UK and would be against the whole ethos of the Olympic spirit.

    The reply I received from Ms Jowell was extremely vague and waffled on for several paragraphs without really answering my question. The gist of the letter did intimate that she was confident there would be a lasting legacy to shooters in the UK – basically watch this space.

    Well, time has moved on and now Ms Jowell has announced that there will be NO shooting at Bisley – which is where every single shooting enthusiast in the UK agrees it should be held. (Yet another case of a Politician thinking they know better than the professionals who actually participate in their chosen sport) Instead it will be at Woolwich in a temporary facility costing millions to build, and will entail moving hundreds of people out of their homes for safety reasons whilst the competitions are on! Add to this the fact that this whole expensive white elephant complex will be instantly demolished immediately after the games is, to be frank, an insult to all the shooting professionals here in the UK, not to mention the Taxpayer.

    I would now like an answer as to where this lasting legacy for shooters will be, (As per Ms Jowells reply to my first letter) as it has now been made official by the three incompetents running the Olympics that we WILL NOT be getting one. It is disgraceful and wholly unacceptable but is sadly something we the Public have come to expect from idiots who squander £400,000 on a logo.

    Would you please be so kind as to ask Ms Jowell to reply in accordance with the Plain English guidelines and rather than Politician speak, just provide the location of the purpose built legacy the games will leave for shooters for generations to come, to enjoy.

    I await your earliest reply on this matter

  • ewan

    Can someone explain why the Woolich site be so bad?

  • Jon Dovey

    Its a typical government attitude to something that secretly a good few politicians enjoy; i.e. shooting, hunting and fishing but as the majority of folk are townies and have no concept of country life the Party keep in with the majority. Shooting is a Dirty word because there is so much of it in town though the guns don’t belong to those who shoot for a hobby! Sweep it under the carpet. Have it in town so that All the townies can be up in arms with ‘it shouldn’t be allowed’ And gun crime after the event can be directly attributed to those nasty shooters putting ideas into juniors head! BISLEY would be out of sight and mind of the masses- the BBC would hardly cover it- The serious could enjoy and the foriegn competitors would be suitably impressed both with the range and facilities!
    One also has to remember that this government is able to print money for its own purposes at our expense so why should it hede the sensible people? What did the DOME cost.New Hospital would have pleased most people.
    The Organisers are Government puppets to be blamed and shamed when the Olympics goes wrong as it will because Britain really can’t afford.

  • simon Hunt

    In such economic times i cannot believe that olympic organisers are so short sighted.Yet again the shooting community are being penalized,yet we are all expected to pay!It hardly embraces the spirt of the Olympics!or am i missing the point?

  • Jim Smith

    I find it disgusting to think that we are going to spend many millions of pounds to create a temporary shooting facility at Greenwich which will be dismantled once the shooting has finished. As a Londoner and shooter myself I would prefer our taxes to pay for something that has a legacy for both London & shooting. Simply choosing Greenwich because it looks “nice” & is close to where the atheletes are staying is not a good enough reason to waste £millions!

    Personally I fully support anything that attempts to get this ridiculous decision reversed.

  • Iain Thomson

    Before we even go as far as withdrawing our labour maybe the citizens of Woolwich deserve a bit of a say. We all know that shotguns are noisy but in an urban environment surrounded by buildings the noise is going to be a serious environmental hazard.
    Environmental health people have written theses and reccomendations about noise that are being totally ignored by the London Olympics organisers.

    Would you Want to try and look after a baby near an urban shooting centre operating long hours even for only a few days. THe concept is contrary to all environmental health reccomendations and social acceptance of public nuisance.

    However it is interesting to see the rather dubious offers made by the Right Dishonourable Tessa Jowell in connection with the choosing of a nearby electoral candidate.

    withdrawal of labour has to be the very last resort as it would look like sour grapes from the shooting community and do our status and acceptability in the overall community no god whatsover. Let us get all the obstacles lined up now. How about a presentation to the London Borough of Greenwich environmental health personnel and also local councillors.

    Iain Thomson

  • derek smith

    Typical of all beaurocrats and misinformed public about guns and shooting.Don’t leave a legacy!!More people may find more about and enjoy, a legitimate sport.Bisley and its name has always been the mecca for UK shooting. Long may it continue.