The trial of a fieldsports enthusiast who was handcuffed by an armed police squad after shooting at a rabbit from his bedroom window, has been described in court as a ?gross overreaction?.

Matthew Trefor Thomas was arrested last year for possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life after a passer-by told police that he had pointed the rifle at her. He was later charged with possessing a rifle without a firearms certificate, but was acquitted last week at Mold Crown Court, in Flintshire, Wales.

Peter Glenser, who represented Mr Thomas in the trial, told the court: ?The Firearms Act 1968 recognises there are legitimate occasions when someone can borrow a rifle that is held on someone else?s certificate. It does not define what ?present? means; what it does not mean is ?supervised?. In other parts of the same Act, it uses the word when dealing with young people. If it meant ?supervised?, it would say so.?

The rest of this article appears in 1st June issue of Shooting Times.

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  • Russ Jones

    My comment should have read : Ignorance

    I am sorry for the spelling error

  • Russ Jones

    The Police and Government have ALWAYS Grossly overreacted when anyone mentions the word ‘Gun’ and the papers print and exaggerate every word. How many people are killed every year by drivers who disobey the Rules, and it goes by mostly unnoticed. The fact is that it is NOT Guns that Kill people its IGNORANCE and The NUT behind The Butt that kills people. In 2012 the Olympic games come to the UK and our teams will be expected to compete with teams from ALL OVER The World who are able to shoot and practice whenever and wherever they want, and get the support from their Governments, but not ours they place stupid laws that prevent our teams from having any chance of success, because our Government and Police are IGNORANT of what actually goes on in Competitions and Clubs around the UK in relation to this sport. I have been involved with shooting for 40 years, and derive a GREAT Deal of Pleasure and peace from trying to place the perfect shot into a target. If I shoot my Bow then No one even bats an eye but mention the word ‘GUN’ and everyone goes into a state of SHEER PANIC. It’s like every thing else it’s just iggnorance