Fashion and restaurant mogul Richard Caring is offering the cash reward following the shooting on 13 September at his 500-acre estate, Pixton Stables.

Estate manager Alex Cheyne said the carcase was of a six-year-old stag, one of 20 red deer in an enclosed area in front of the property.

?The stag had two bullet holes in the neck that look as though they are from a low calibre rifle, possibly a .22,? added Mr Cheyne.

?What has made us so angry is that it looks as though it has been done simply for pleasure.?

To contact Mr Cheyne with information about the incident, call 01398 324243.

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  • Maggie Harrison

    To day in the news a 12 year old stag was shot for its antlers. The person who did this is void of all self control. It is an act of pure selfishness, and arrogance. As a species I am totally ashamed of us.

    Shooting for pleasure will eventually have to banned.

    Animals are so vulnerable.

    The person who did this should be shamed.