“It is not designed to be provocative, it is just supposed to be interesting,” the RSPB’s director of conservation, Dr Mark Avery, told Shooting Times magazine.

“Many people wrongly think that the RSPB is against fieldsports and legal predator control. Shooters and conservationists actually have a lot in common,” he added.

According to the RSPB, the message had been received well by Game Fair visitors and prompted a lot of discussion on the stand.

BASC’s Christopher Graffius said he welcomed the RSPB’s presence at the Game Fair: “Shooters and conservationists go hand in hand. It is encouraging to see that the RSPB is trying to engage with shooters more.”

Let us know what you think about this!

  • Paul Harvey

    Usual RSPB fare I’m afraid – ‘engage with the shooting community’ can be translated as ‘look down on the shooting community as unmanaged peasants.’ The stand invited us to add to their list of ways in which shooting could become more regulated, less intensive and generally more nanny state. There was no question of RSPB listening to us – they were there to lecture to us as usual.

  • chris

    all im going to say . my honest opinion is i wouldnt trust the rspb one inch .more than likely stab all field sports in the back.