Airgun legislation should be devolved to the Scottish Parliament, according to the controversial Calman Commission report, published on 15 June.

Led by Sir Kenneth Calman, the report was an independent review of Scottish devolution since 1998. The recommendation comes after Scottish ministers made repeated attempts to get Westminster to ban airguns throughout the UK or to allow the Scottish Government to legislate on the issue.

A Scottish Government spokesman explained that if the proposals are approved, ministers will look to overhaul current airgun legislation: “We are encouraged by the recommendation on airguns. We have maintained that airguns should be licensed to put them on a similar footing with other lethal firearms, but allowing for legitimate use. That is why we will continue to push for an overhaul of the whole firearms regime, to reform the licensing scheme to make it consistent and easier to understand and to enforce.”

The rest of this article appears in 25 June issue of Shooting Times.

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  • theresa hopkins

    dundee police and any police force should ban any kind of gun it is really sad how someone can shoot innocent children and teachers

  • bob smith

    THE AIR GUN BAN IS JUST FAILED POLITITIONS TRYING TO GAIN POWER,SHAMELESSLY USING PEOPLES EMOTIONAL RESPONCE TO THE DEATH OF A TWO YEAR OLD BOY. I wish DRUG DEALING SHARON McMILLAN mother of murdered toddler Anderw Morton would stop suggesting ,if the half a million legally held air gun in SCOTLAND were destroyed it would have stopped the murder of her son, by ,DRUG ADDICT MARK BONINI. Prehaps the destruction of DRUG DEALERS WOULD STOP THE THOUSANDS OF DEATHS AND MISERY caused to families by drugs each year ,and prevented DRUG CRAZED MARK BONINI from using his air gun recklessly

  • john

    I think its rediculous that the government are
    still trying to ban air guns in scotland.
    They keep going on about how dangerous they are
    and they should be under the same cat as an FAC.
    Its not the gun that is dangerous, its the person
    that uses it.
    The only air guns that will be left when the
    government are finished will be the people that
    are not leagle.

  • marc

    The UK gunlaws are starting to become rediculous. Airguns are a very good export product from UK to other countries like The Netherlands. It’s a great hobby and sport.

    Now tell me WHY, this isn’t going to solve any criminal things, I mean, when ever did someone get killed or something by an airgun? almost never, that is because airguns are much more expensive then firearms so they are genearally bought by people who take the sport serious. now field target shooters are going get into trouble as well, because an Overreacting politishian wants to help 1 person frustrating thousands of other people.

    Greetings from Marc, Vlaardingen, Netherlands


    Is the rubbish to ban air rifles in Scotland, where the basis of safety takes hold from a early age for youngsters to learn proper safety from the off.
    A lot of people who shoot serious air rifles for targetshooting and beginner’s alike are being throw another brick.
    Well let’s ban dangerous FOOTBALL!!….
    IN THE LAST 100 YEARS MORE PEOPLE HAVE DIED AT FOOTBALL MATCHES than have died at the hands of registered shooters !! IBROX AND HILLSBOROUGH come right to mind.
    If Scotland wants to put a another sport out of the reach to all, and then only the TOFFS get to do it by SNEAKING over the boarder !.
    Like i lost my pistol shooting after Dunblane Knee jerk reactions and the POLICE WHERE WARNED IN ADVANCE!!.
    THEN BAN HAGGIS HUNTING on the odd days of the month SAVE THE BEASTY hahahahah

  • donny

    air gun should never be ban. howera permit for such weapon should be obtain by relevent autourity.