It's Valentine's Day and as you're a shooter, we thought we'd ask around to see what our readers love best about the sport

Enough of the red roses and pink champagne. Let’s talk about what you really love and why you love it so much.

Forget cheesy dinners, being serenaded by insincere waiters, getting overcharged for a bunch of flowers, spending a fortune on an indifferent meal, being under pressure to pop the question … There’s nothing that takes your breath away quite so much as being outside with your faithful four-legged friend at your heel, surveying a stunning view and anticipating some great sport ahead.

Whether it’s because you like being part of the countryside or just letting your dog enjoy what it does best, there’s all sorts of reasons for being a shooter.

What makes your heart beat faster?

Shooting can be a very sociable sport and it also has its practical side too. You’re doing your bit for conservation, ridding the countryside of pests, helping the rural economy and small businesses grow.

In addition, if you follow the shooters’ code and eat what you shoot, then you’ll be bringing home some delicious, fresh free-range game meat to enjoy.

What better than being in the company of fellow Guns? Whether you’re one for the clay ground or never happier than up to your knees in the heather on a grouse moor.

Take our quiz and see what makes the heart of you and other fellow shooters beat faster.