Local parish council chairman Roger Deadman has been cleared of any wrongdoing after using his shotgun to shoot a Canada goose on the sixth fairway of Petersfield Golf Club, Hampshire. According to The Daily Telegraph, Mr Deadman, 70, allegedly told surprised golfers ?they are nothing but crapping machines? and that he had downloaded the necessary licences from Natural England. Aldershot Magistrates? Court found him not guilty of intentionally killing a wild bird under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, deciding he had acted lawfully by killing the bird for public health and safety reasons.

  • john atkins

    Canada Geese have been on the open licence for about two years, now.
    Shooting on Golf courses is quite common for keeping the Rabbits down so “who” in heavens name reported this and how did it get to court?

    The BASC say they have extensively circulated Police forces with guide lines about the open licence and shooting activities so why is the Hampshire constabruary so igorant?

    The crimalisation of shooting men must hit hard where ever it occurs and I hope Mr Deadman is sueing them for costs.

  • nick dadamo

    following the court case, the chap in question did right to down load the appropiate paper work , the only draw back is did he shoot the canada geese whilst golfer were around ? this would cause concern for safety and possable conflict with golfers.