Two shooting estates have been chosen to pilot the pioneering Wildlife Estates Scotland (WES) initiative. Developed by Scottish Rural Property and Business Association and the Scottish Estates Business Group, the initiative offers estates and landowners the opportunity to sign up to voluntary commitments on the conservation of habitat and wildlife. More than 200 estates have already signed up and the initiative will be piloted by the Atholl Estates in Perthshire, the Allargue Estate on Donside and the RSPB-owned Abernethy Estate, all within the Cairngorms National Park. Scottish Natural Heritage, the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Cairngorms National Park Authority have all played a supporting role in developing the scheme.

The rest of this article appears in 6th April issue of Shooting Times.

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  • A Cameron

    Just how are the RSPB at Abernethy Reserve chosen to pilot national standards of wildlife and habitat management in Scotland, when they continue to cull deer, in and out of season. By spotlighting. I never knew they were a sporting estate!! Oh and they have a tremndous stalker who when out spotlighting can tell when beasts are sick or old…
    Anyone who may not agree with my sentiments regarding the tree’s v’s Deer argument but who has an ounce of common sense will tell you what they are doing at Abernethy has done nothing to conserve wildlife, infact the opposite. Its a bit of an embarrasement for a true sporting estate to be spoken of, alongside alongside them when speaking about standards of habitat and wildlife management.