In light of the current unstable economic climate, retailers on Gunmakers’ Row have mixed feelings on how it will affect trade at this year’s CLA Game Fair (25-27 July, Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire). “There is no doubt that a lot of people go to the Game Fair to shift old stock as well as new items,” Rob Fenwick, managing director of E. J. Churchill (Stand P1622), told Shooting Times.

He added that prices may well be reduced: “It just depends how quickly retailers need to move stock. We are certainly in a hard economic climate which I believe is going to get harder. I am sure that people will have this on their mind.” He added that many retailers buy large amounts of merchandise especially for the Game Fair: “It will be interesting to see how brave they have been, given the current climate. Also, I wonder how many retailers will have goods carried over from the cancellation last year? ”

John Batley, of the Gun Trade Association, explained that the general consensus of opinion is that those who come to The CLA Game Fair intending to buy will buy, despite the credit crunch: “The industry will be offering the usual good deals without cutting their margins to the bone. The leisure industry is bound to react to consumer confidence in these difficult times.”

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