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April 2014

Shooting Gazette April 2014

Woof! Arrrooo! Woof! That’s the sound a gundog will make when they see the latest Shooting Gazette being slowly squeezed through the letterbox. Why the noise – well, April’s issue just happens to be the gundog issue, and if there’s a box we haven’t ticked we’d love to know what it is! Want your canine captured by an artist – we know the best with the brush; nervous about spending big on a kennel – speak to Mark Whitehouse; love embarrassing gundog tales – turn to Robin Scott. From food to friendship, dummies to discipline, it’s all here waiting to please. It’s not all about our four-legged friends this month, though, and here’s proof…


Martin Puddifer

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Martin Puddifer

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ben samuelson

Ben Samuelson

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