The healing power of dogs

The healing power of dogs

By Graham Cox There are countless reasons why we so readily speak of dogs and humans in the same breath. Their special genius at reading our gestures and understanding our…

Tina Hayes and Bramble

Tina Hayes and Bramble

I collected Bramble on July 9, 2011, with every intention of bringing her on as another beating dog. I let her be a puppy for the first six months, doing…

White Swan Pickering

The White Swan Inn Pickering review

As an enthusiastic Yorkshire-phile, I was really looking forward to seeing Pickering, a small market town I regularly pass through but have only once had the opportunity to spend longer…

Henry Blofeld

Henry Blofeld interview

So Henry Blofeld, tell me a little about the tour and your shows? “Peter Baxter and I have been doing shows together, Blofeld & Baxter if you like. We’ve put…


What’s new in Shooting Gazette?

In the new issue: Hurtling redlegs in high bird country, luxury guns and kit in Mayfair and looking at lighter loads

Do electric fences hurt gundogs

Do electric fences hurt gundogs?

Shocks from electric fences can be painful but your dog shouldn't experience lasting trauma. If your dog still seems affected after the shock, you should see your vet

Llansantffraed Court

Llansantffraed Court, Monmouthshire review

A visit to Monmouthshire is almost a visit home for me and it always shows. Whenever I come this way my accent spills forth the moment the first aitch is…