Llansantffraed Court

Llansantffraed Court, Monmouthshire review

A visit to Monmouthshire is almost a visit home for me and it always shows. Whenever I come this way my accent spills forth the moment the first aitch is…

Game shooting services

Game shooting services

Felin Newydd House Probably the most sought-after of all game shooting services, there’s nothing like time away with friends, especially when they’re shooting friends, at a private residence. No sportsman…

Wood fired pigeon

Wood-fired pigeon recipe

A lot of people think pigeon recipe and they think of the cliched ‘flying rats’ which cause mess and clutter in our urban areas. If only they knew how good…

Caesar Guerini Forum

Caesar Guerini Forum

The Caesar Guerini Forum is a roaring success in the US, but how will the shotgun fare in British hands?

David Latham England gundog team captain

Meet new England gundog team captain David Latham

As a professional handler, trainer, tutor, judge, selector and breeder, David Latham doesn’t have time for those who say the gundog world is a closed shop. The three-time IGL Retriever…

Roast grouse

Roast grouse recipe

Lee Maycock: Our Game-to-Eat chef adds herbs and spelt risotto to the glorious grouse.