baikal combination gun

Baikal Scout combination gun

This unusual gun combines the effectiveness of both the .410 and the .22RF, writes Lewis Potter

rabbit shooting

Reaping a rabbit harvest

With the combines and the crops gone, now’s the time to grab your airgun, explains Mat Manning.

venison liver recipe

Chargrilled venison liver

This recipe for chargrilled venison liver with roast squash, smoked bacon, madeira sauce and braised lettuce hearts can be cooked on the barbecue

Concentration was key during competition day

The Zeiss Fieldshooting Weekend 2014

The bruises have just about faded from my recent trip to Ulfborg, Denmark. “Bruises?” I hear you say. “You weren’t holding your rifle right.” But split 30,000 rounds of ammunition…

Cage trap

Ferreting with traps

Simon Whitehead punctuates the rising rabbit numbers by using the cage trap and the rabbit drop box, which both work even whilst you sleep!