Concentration was key during competition day

The Zeiss Fieldshooting Weekend 2014

The bruises have just about faded from my recent trip to Ulfborg, Denmark. “Bruises?” I hear you say. “You weren’t holding your rifle right.” But split 30,000 rounds of ammunition…

Cage trap

Ferreting with traps

Simon Whitehead punctuates the rising rabbit numbers by using the cage trap and the rabbit drop box, which both work even whilst you sleep!


A Clean Kill is our Duty

Stalking trends come and go. From calibres to optics, all have their time. Fashion also influences the shots we take, and currently the head or high neck shot seems to…

sporting rights

Bagging your sporting rights

You pick up a sporting magazine and an advertisement catches your eye. It’s offering shooting rights. You’ve always dreamed of managing a little grouse moor or pheasant shoot, and inviting…

Setting up a pigeon magnet

Setting up a pigeon magnet

Tom Payne has been using more pigeon magnets this year than in the previous six because they work so well. Learn how to set up a pigeon magnet to boost…