what to tip shoot day

How much should you tip on a shoot?

One of the few grisly moments in shooting occurs in the car park after the last drive. Two or three Guns will huddle like forlorn rooks, discussing “the tip”. What…

Benelli Super Nova 12-bore

Benelli SuperNova 12-bore

The Benelli SuperNova 12-bore is an advanced, aesthetically idiosyncratic pump-action shotgun built for a working life


A beginner’s guide to picking-up

We walk you through what to expect on your first time picking-up, including when to know if your dog is ready, what to do on the first drive and how…

Yvette Cooper

Licence fees to rise under Labour

Shooters would have to pay “cost” price for their shotgun and firearms certificates if a Labour government is elected next year, according to shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper. The shooting…

rifle shooting

What you need to know about focal planes

One aspect of rifle scopes that is frequently misunderstood is the difference between a first and second focal plane scope. In the simplest terms, the difference between the two is…

anti poaching conference

Gamekeepers and police join forces to fight poachers

Gamekeepers joined wildlife crime officers from around the country to pool their experience and expertise at the UK’s first national anti-poaching conference on 11 September at JCB’s world headquarters in…