Tom Sykes on the foreshore

Robin Owen Conducktor call reviewed

Find out why Tom Sykes says this Robin Owen Conducktor call is the most beautiful call that he's had the pleasure of using

what to wear clay shooting

What to wear shooting

We advise you on what to wear shooting, whether at the clay ground or in the field

spaniel breeds

Which breed of spaniel should I buy?

Don't overlook the minor breeds, like Clumber, Welsh springer or Brittany spaniels, although their natural hunting, retrieving and training ability probably won't be as strong as a Cocker or Springer


Beretta SV10 Prevail 1 Pro

Beretta have managed to improve on an already remarkable gun, with the Pro version of their SV10 Prevail 1 clay-shooter, writes Jason Harris


Sharing your hide

Peter Theobald reveals why two hides can be better than one and how to play nicely with others while sharing a hide

goose flag

How to use a goose flag

Like a lot of my current fowling gear, the goose flag is another toy that originates from across the Pond, where shooters have used them wildfowling with a lot of…