Sharing your hide

Peter Theobald reveals why two hides can be better than one and how to play nicely with others while sharing a hide

goose flag

How to use a goose flag

Like a lot of my current fowling gear, the goose flag is another toy that originates from across the Pond, where shooters have used them wildfowling with a lot of…


20-bore Browning 725 Hunter UK

Standing on the shoulders of their 12-bore, the new 20-bore Browning 725 Hunter UK is going to be very popular with gameshooters, says Jason Harris


How much wildlife have we got?

We are already doing great things, but with a few tweaks we can make our shoots so much more wildlife friendly, says Dr Roger Draycott


Pigeon and wild mushrooms

Mark Gough prepares a meal that can be rustled up in minutes, with ingredients sourced from the woods.

over under

Top 20 second-hand over-and-under shotguns

If you’re looking to buy a second-hand over-and-under shotgun, the list below have been recommended by Sporting Gun’s Technical Editor Mike George. Most of these guns have already been reviewed,…


Sealyhams – leaders of the rat pack

Nick Ridley sees what a pack of Sealyhams can do when he joins them in action on a chicken farm, hunting down that most persistent of foes – the common…