You can’t get much more free range than game meat and generally, it’s low in fat and cholesterol. It’s no suprise that the popularity of game recipes continutes to grow, with an ever-expanding number of restaurants adding game to their menus and supermarkets now stocking the meat. These range of recipes are unique to ShootingUK and cover a range of dishes for every level of cook

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muntjac haunch steak

How to cook muntjac

This simple recipe cooks the perfect muntjac haunch steaks and is served with sauted potatoes, buttered spinach and peas

barbecued duck

Barbecued duck breast with white coleslaw

Duck is delicious when barbecued, as the sweet, smoky taste adds a fantastic layer to the flavour. The thing that makes duck tricky to barbecue is the fat: you need…

Pigeon Salad

Pigeon and beetroot salad

Kate Gatacre whips up a quick and easy pigeon and beetroot salad — the perfect lunch for a summer’s day

pot-roast pigeon

Pot-roast pigeon with vegetables and juniper

This is a lovely, warming dish that requires minimal preparation, and yet is an intensely flavoured and hearty meal. The breast of the pigeon requires far less cooking time than…

Trio of venison recipe

Trio of venison recipe

One of the great things about venison is you can do so much with each of the various cuts of lean and slender meat. With six species of deer in…

pigeon recipe

Pigeon with chorizo, peppers and feta cheese

What you need: 2 pigeon breasts 2 small chorizos 1 jar pepperdew peppers 2 tbsp orange juice 2 tbsp olive oil 5 cubes feta cheese salt and pepper balsamic vinegar…