You can’t get much more free range than game meat and generally, it’s low in fat and cholesterol. It’s no suprise that the popularity of game recipes continutes to grow, with an ever-expanding number of restaurants adding game to their menus and supermarkets now stocking the meat. These range of recipes are unique to ShootingUK and cover a range of dishes for every level of cook

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Sloe gin recipe

A sloe gin recipe for a cold winter day in the field

There are few things more satisfying than being able to make the most of what you bring home after a productive day in the field, and sloe gin is one of my favourite foraged treats.…

venison burger

How to make a venison burger

Ingredients 600g coarsely minced venison 1 red onion, finely chopped 1tsp chopped thyme Sea salt Ground black pepper 1 parsnip 2 carrots 1 celeriac 4 slices blue cheese 4 buns…

pheasant and game chips

Roasted hen pheasant & game chips by Tim Maddams

Roasted hen pheasant and game chips   Ingredients 1 whole, plucked and dressed hen pheasant A little pork fat or goose/duck fat Salt and pepper A few sage leaves For the bread…

spaghetti and tomatoes

Five pasta recipes for game

Pasta makes the perfect base for game dishes, allowing the flavour of the meat to be the hero. It’s also quick to cook and perfect for those times when you…

confit rabbit

Confit rabbit and blackberry salad

Why isn’t rabbit more popular? And why do we so often see rabbit on the menu that has been farmed on the Continent? This tasty interloper is an easy win at harvest time but what…

Lime flavoured roast partridge

Lime flavoured roast partridge

Ingredients 4 partridge, ready prepared 2 limes butter or olive oil 4 rashers bacon 4 slices French bread 50g-75g paté (optional) Description Pre-heat the oven to 200°C/400°F/Gas Mark 6. Spread…

Pigeon burgers

Pigeon burgers in a peppercorn sauce

Everyone has a favourite, mine is pigeon. Shooting them, eating them, thinking about shooting them, thinking about eating them, generally admiring them, reading about them, reading about shooting them… you get the idea. I am…

outdoor picnic idea

Game for a picnic

Veronica Heath prepares a sumptuous summer picnic that is certain to give you inspiration for whatever alfresco-eating occasion you are planning this summer

Game Scotch Eggs

Recipe for game Scotch eggs

Game Scotch Eggs – serves 6 Ingredients 12 quail eggs 400g game mince salt and pepper 1 tsp English mustard 100g flour, seasoned with salt and pepper 3 eggs, beaten…

crispy squirrel recipe

Southern fried crispy squirrel recipe

You can buy grey squirrel online and it is advisable to order it ready skinned (the tail is discarded). Squirrel is also on the menu at various pubs and restaurants…

wild garlic leaves

Wild garlic pesto

Two recipes for wild garlic pesto – a simple version and an advanced method Wild garlic is one of the most prolific and easily identifiable free foods. It can carpet…

The rabbit meat's slightly gamey flavour is complemented by the vibrant taste of the carrots

Slow-cooked rabbit and carrots, three ways

Over the centuries, wild rabbit meat has gone in and out of fashion for various reasons, but now it’s making a bit of a renaissance — and with good reason: it’s…

Will and Calum Thompson of Eat Wild

Recipe for Pigeon Pitta from Eat Wild

Ingredients Baby leaf salad Pitta bread Chunk of local black pudding Two rashers of streaky local bacon Two fresh pigeon breasts Small handful of pumpkin seeds Local rapeseed oil  …

easy woodpigeon recipe

Woodpigeon, wild cherries and gingerbread

Serving woodpigeon with wild cherries and gingerbread may not be something you’d ever think of doing, but this unusual combination works together very well. Wild cherries aren’t yet in season…