You can’t get much more free range than game meat and generally, it’s low in fat and cholesterol. It’s no suprise that the popularity of game recipes continutes to grow, with an ever-expanding number of restaurants adding game to their menus and supermarkets now stocking the meat. These range of recipes are unique to ShootingUK and cover a range of dishes for every level of cook

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Venison shoulder recipe

Venison shoulder

Use venison for a perfect alternative to chicken, pork or beef. Ingredients 1 venison shoulder Fennel seeds Caraway seeds Chopped lemon thyme Cornish sea salt Milled black pepper Method Place…

venison stir fry

Szechuan venison stir-fry

Use venison for a perfect alternative to chicken, pork or beef. Ingredients 300g (10oz) venison fillet or 2 large venison steaks Grated zest and juice of 1 orange 2tbsp soy…

Tempura duck liver recipe

Tempura duck livers

Think duck liver and you’ll probably think of foie gras, but there’s so much more you can create out of this humble, yet indulgent, cut of offal. Dipped in a…


Recipe: Pigeon ciabatta

WHAT YOU NEED – 3 pigeon breasts – 4 asparagus spears – 1 small round goats’ cheese – 4 slices salami – 6 cherry tomatoes – salt and pepper –…


Recipe: Goose breast with tartiflette

WHAT YOU NEED – 1 goose breast – 4 slices streaky bacon – 1 large shallot – 30g feta cheese – 6 sliced cooked new potatoes – salt and pepper…

Duck pie recipe

Duck pie recipe

Rich in flavour, high in protein and filling to boot, duck, like all game meat, is the go-to bird for those in the know. Wonder how those wildfowlers are able…

orange and duck recipe

Orange and duck recipe

However you like your duck, there’s always room to give this gorgeous meat a citrusy kick. Some people love a duck and orange sauce and aren’t sure why, so don’t…


Pheasant and sausagemeat pie

WHAT YOU NEED – 2 pheasant breasts – 150g puff pastry – 6 chestnuts – 1 sausage (skinned) – 2 tbsp mashed potato – 2 spring onions – handful chopped…

Pheasant eggs recipe

Black pudding pheasant eggs recipe

Smaller than hen’s eggs but almost as versatile, pheasant eggs, which are olive green and brown in colour, posses a deep yellow yolk – perfect for dunking your toast soliders…