• chick peas • flour • cinnamon • chilli powder • cumin • diced muntjac • olive oil • diced onion • sliced celery • tomato paste

• tinned tomatoes • bay leaf • sugar • ½ pint of stock • fresh coriander, chopped • lemon


Soak the chick peas overnight. Into a plastic bag, mix some flour, some dried cinnamon, chilli and cumin. Add the diced venison, close the bag and hold it closed, then shake up to cover the meat in the floured mixture. Brown the meat in the olive oil in a large pan or wok. Take it out and set aside.

Soften the onion and sliced celery in the same pan and then re-add your venison, the tomato paste and tinned tomatoes, bay leaf, chick peas and some sugar Add the stock, cover and cook slowly for about an hour on the hob, stirring occasionally.

Just before serving, mix in some chopped coriander and a good squeeze of lemon juice. Serve with rice and spinach leaves.


You can cook this in a casserole in an oven at 180°C. Use as much or as little of the dried spices to suit your taste.