Partridges are a flavoursome ingredient in plentiful supply during the shooting season. Grey partridges have a tender flesh that is full of flavour even when young, whist the red-legged partridge has a milder flavour. To get the best from any partridge recipe, the birds need to be hung for a few days. More often than not, one bird will serve one person and doesn’t need to be cooked for more than a few minutes.

Lime flavoured roast partridge

Lime flavoured roast partridge

Ingredients 4 partridge, ready prepared 2 limes butter or olive oil 4 rashers bacon 4 slices French bread 50g-75g paté (optional) Description Pre-heat the oven to 200°C/400°F/Gas Mark 6. Spread…

Pot roast partridge

Pot roast partridge recipe

September 1 marked the beginning of the partridge shooting season and while it might be smaller than the pheasant, the partridge more than makes up for it with its mellow…

Game recipe: Partridge risotto

Game recipe: Partridge risotto: This month Mark, a keen shot, shows us what can be done with some late season partridge.

Game recipe: Partridge breasts on toast…

Game recipe: Partridge breasts on toast with red onion marmalade and blue cheese. Mark reckoned that after the excesses of Christmas he’d show us how to make a simple, quick…

Spatchcock Partridge with Chargrilled Sweet Potato

Game recipe: Spatchcock Partridge with Chargrilled Sweet Potato: Top chef Mark prepares a seasonal, no nonsense dish using partridge that can either be cooked on the BBQ (weather permitting!) or…

Partridge recipe: Pasties

Partridge recipe: Pasties. Every month Mark, a keen shot, will rustle up a seasonal, no-nonsense dish using simple, easily available ingredients. His easy-to-cook recipes will inspire you to try them…

Sweet partridge

Sweet partridge

Mark Hinge rises to the challenge with a perfect dish of plum and partridge

Parisian Partridge

Mark Hinge dances the Can-Can with some hot French partridges; Oooh la-la!