570ml (1pt) of game stock

110g (4oz) mushrooms, sliced

10 shallots, chopped

1 head of celery, chopped

25g (1oz) butter

25g (1oz) plain flour

55ml (2fl oz) double cream

salt and black pepper a sprig of tarragon

cooked pheasant, boned and cut into pieces

a packet of ready-made filo pastry


Bring the stock with the mushrooms, shallots and celery very gently up to simmering point, put a lid on the pan and simmer for 25 minutes, then remove the vegetables and set to one side. Make the sauce by melting the butter in a small saucepan, adding the flour and stirring all the time until the mixture turns a pale straw colour. This takes three to four minutes. Then, starting off with a wooden spoon and finishing with a whisk, add the stock gently until you have a smooth, glossy sauce. Simmer the sauce very gently for five minutes, add the vegetables, cream, tarragon and pheasant pieces and check the seasoning.

Layer the bottom of a shallow ovenproof dish with filo pastry, put in the filling and then layer the top with scrunched filo pastry, brushed with melted butter, and bake in the oven at 180°C (350°F or gas mark 4) for about an hour before serving.