The benefit of eating pigeon is that there is no close season; the bird is available all year round. Many people enjoy pigeon recipes in the summer, not just because it’s a summer taste of game but also because their rich diet of berries and seeds makes the meat tastier. Pigeon recipes are also popular because they’re a great source of protein and the meat boasts plenty of minerals such as iron

Recipe for Pigeon Wellington

A recipe for Pigeon Wellington

Ingredients 30g spinach salt and pepper 30g chanterelle mushrooms, cleaned 1 knob of butter 1 spritz of lemon juice 1 pigeon breast 1 slice of Parma ham 1 sheet of…

Pigeon burgers

Pigeon burgers in a peppercorn sauce

Everyone has a favourite, mine is pigeon. Shooting them, eating them, thinking about shooting them, thinking about eating them, generally admiring them, reading about them, reading about shooting them… you get the idea. I am…

Will and Calum Thompson of Eat Wild

Recipe for Pigeon Pitta from Eat Wild

Ingredients Baby leaf salad Pitta bread Chunk of local black pudding Two rashers of streaky local bacon Two fresh pigeon breasts Small handful of pumpkin seeds Local rapeseed oil  …

easy woodpigeon recipe

Woodpigeon, wild cherries and gingerbread

Serving woodpigeon with wild cherries and gingerbread may not be something you’d ever think of doing, but this unusual combination works together very well. Wild cherries aren’t yet in season…

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Pigeon Ravioli

Ingredients Dough: 400g plain flour 1 tsp salt 4 eggs & 1 egg yolk for egg wash 2 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp of mixed herbs Filling: 6 pigeon breasts…

Recipe: Pigeon ciabatta

WHAT YOU NEED – 3 pigeon breasts – 4 asparagus spears – 1 small round goats’ cheese – 4 slices salami – 6 cherry tomatoes – salt and pepper –…

Pigeon and wild mushroom recipe

Pigeon and wild mushrooms

Mark Gough prepares a meal that can be rustled up in minutes, with ingredients sourced from the woods.

Wood fired pigeon

Wood-fired pigeon recipe

A lot of people think pigeon recipe and they think of the cliched ‘flying rats’ which cause mess and clutter in our urban areas. If only they knew how good…

Pigeon and beetroot salad

Pigeon and beetroot salad

Kate Gatacre whips up a quick and easy pigeon and beetroot salad — the perfect lunch for a summer’s day

pigeon with chorizo

Pigeon with chorizo, peppers and feta cheese

If you have a freezer full of pigeon or you’ve just bagged a few in the hide, put them to good use with this delicious Mediterranean take on pigeon. Serve…

pigeon carpaccio

Pigeon carpaccio

This pigeon carpaccio recipe doesn't need cooking but requires at least 12 hours to marinate and needs to be frozen for an hour before serving

pigeon parcels

Pigeon parcels

These pigeon parcels are similar to a pasty, with the filling encased in pastry, but are made with puff pastry and are much lighter

Game recipes: Warm pigeon salad

Game recipes: Warm Pigeon salad: Top chef Mark prepares a seasonal, no nonsense game recipe using freshly shot pigeon which will really tickle your tastebuds, and it’s very easy to…