• pigeon breast • olive oil • butter • garlic • pepper • sliced bread • mayonnaise • Dijon mustard • capers • lime • Worcester sauce • balsamic vinegar • chilli or Tabasco sauce • Parmesan • lettuce


1. Skin and dice the pigeon breast into small pieces.
2. Fry the pigeon, turning so that it cooks evenly for five minutes in oil and butter with the chopped garlic and a grind of pepper, until just done or slightly pink.
3. Remove the meat to one side with a draining spoon.
4. Cut the sliced bread into postage stamp-sized squares for croutons and fry gently in the remaining oil. Turn until brown and slightly crispy. Remove the croutons and drain on kitchen towel.
6. Into a bowl add three large tablespoons of mayonnaise, two teaspoons of Dijon mustard, half a dozen chopped capers, the juice of a lime,a splash of Worcester sauce,a dash of both balsamic vinegar and chilli or Tabasco sauce.
Mix well with a dash of water.
7. Take your lettuce (Romaine is the traditional lettuce used for Caesar salad), chop it roughly and lay it on a plate. Place the pigeon on top and spoon over the sauce, add the crispy croutons and grate some Parmesan cheese.


I use economy-white bread for croutons. No capers? Then use some more Worcester sauce. No balsamic vinegar? Don’t worry. You can add chopped sun-dried tomatoes or fresh chilli if you wish.

Don’t get hung up on complications, most of the ingredients come from a jar. There is no need to use salt as there is plenty in the cheese.