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Savage 93R17 BTVS .17 HMR rifle review
This product is featured in: Savage B.Mag Target .17 WSM.

Savage 93R17 BTVS .17 HMR rifle review.

I have always been a sucker for a good thumbhole stock and enjoy using the smaller calibre rifles for their ease of shooting, light recoil and level of performance that is more than sufficient for an evening’s rabbit foray.

The Savage name has always stood for good quality at a fair price, but some models had that utilitarian look which wasn’t as appealling. Not so with the new 93R17 model – you can see the pedigree yet appreciate the refinements, giving the shooter the complete package.

You now have a stainless-steel version of the older design, encompassing a really well-proportioned thumbhole, laminated stock and AccuTrigger system.

Laminated stock

Love them or hate them, laminated stock materials are a real asset in terms of weather resistance and prevent ingress of debris from any arduous stalk.

This model is finished in an alternating dark and pale brown wood layer that is pleasing on the eye and finished in a satin lacquer, which is a touch slippy, but the generous semi-beaver tail style fore-end and thumbhole allows an adequate grip in use.

The rear section of the butt has 13.5in length of pull, which is standard, though a little short for me, and is finished with a solid ½in black recoil pad.

The comb is a good height and comes straight back from the receiver and hence is relatively high, but is long enough to accommodate any head position for correct scope-eye alignment. This is further enhanced by a right-hand rolled-over cheekpiece and comfortably positioned hole for the thumb access.

Savage 93R17 BTVS .17 HMR rifle action.Tried-and-tested action

Savage has stayed with the tried-and-tested BVSSTB action a basic tubular form with near mid-mounted bolt handle. The 7.25in action is made of stainless steel with a polished finish that is not too garish as to spook your game.

The bolt handle is sited forward of the trigger common with this design but posed no problems as, though the bolt knob was small with no knurling, it lifted easily and cleared a mounted scope’s eyepiece with no fouling.

The action is finished with separate Weaver-style scope bases in silver to match the action, which are included with the rifle.

Trigger and safety

The safety catch is at the side of the action and is operated best with a little stretching from your right shooting finger in a sliding fashion.

In the foremost position a red dot appears and means the rifle can be fired, and in its rearmost setting the rifle is safe. This blocks the trigger but allows the bolt still to function if a cartridge needs to be removed speedily.

The trigger unit is the well thought of AccuTrigger model, that has a clean, crisp and predictable trigger let-off coupled with a foolproof safety feature. The trigger can be adjusted from 1.5lb to 6lb weight by the shooter, as a unique safety bar or interrupt system ensures only a safe let-off, no matter how much the trigger is adjusted.

The magazine and barrel

The magazine is a five-shot detachable unit that, despite having a meagre payload, is stainless-steel in construction. The in-line feed functioned without incident but, as with all Savage rimfires, the magazine release and retention is awkward, which is being kind.

The barrel is also stainless steel, having a nicely polished finish with a varmint/heavy profile. There is the characteristic Savage step to the barrel profile; from the receiver there is a straight taper of 4in, followed by a 90° step down to the remaining barrel length, of which the total is 20.75in.

With a moderator fitted, the total overall length is not too long, though personally I would take a further 4in at least off the barrel length. Best of all is that the rifle comes threaded and proofed for moderator use, which saves you at least £100 and is good to see.

Testing in the field

With an overall length, without a moderator, of 39.75in and weighing 6lb without the scope, the Savage is a trim, handy HMR rifle, despite its full-bore looks.

I tried Remington, Federal and CCI 17-grains, which shot similarly at 2,560fps, 2,533fps and 2,578fps respectively and the heavier 20-grain CCI Game Point shot 2,301fps velocity and 235ft/lb energy with a 0.45in group.

Siting the target at 100 yards the Savage shot good sub-inch groups with the Hornady still best at 0.75in spread and the Remingtons very similar.


It has a great thumbhole-designed stock that is as good as it looks, with a hard, weather-resistant finish.

The AccuTrigger lifts the Savage above many of its competitors in terms of refinements and the accuracy was up there with the best of them.

Being threaded and proofed makes it perfect for the UK market and the price of £505 is a fair deal considering the features you are buying, even with that odd magazine release.



More information available from Garlands.

Telephone 01827 383300.

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  • Ethan Quarles

    Wow! great shooting little gun with a hot round dead on balls everytime!

  • Ethan Quarles

    Wow! great shooting little gun with a hot round dead on balls everytime!

  • jeff dumont

    Purch’d Savage 17hmr with heavy barrell. I added a 4-12 BSA Sweet 17 scope, using 17gr Hornady V-Max.
    We’ve been plagued by predators stealing our ducks. I sat up tonite waiting 100yds from a gutpile. Tonite a black lab/pitbull mix showed up again, about 45 to 50 pounds; big, mean & hungry. One shot, right eye socket, kicking over in 15 seconds. I’ve never seen an animal drop so fast with a bullet so small. Savage 17 w/ AccuTrigger performed rediculously well with the V-Max; no kick, only boom and done. My Ruger 10/22 is no longer neededd & sold. I only keep a Rossi 22/410 combo for small varmints in the yard. All else meet Savage 17.

  • David Heap

    New to shooting, due to my disability I require a left hand weapon the Savage does appear to be the nearest I have seen that fits the bill.
    Is it suitable for bench rest type shooting, is it a .22 rimfire can it be used for single shot.
    do forgive these questions but I do not know of a stockist to ask

  • R. Simpson

    I have tried most of the popular ammunition brands available in Ontario, in my Savage the best performer by far is the winchester X17HMR1, in 20 grain. From my precision rest all rounds touching at 50 metres.
    With the cost of $67.24 per 250 round bulk pac, it is an expensive plinker.
    I will be purchasing the same rifle in members are acheiving the same accuracy with these fine accurate rifles.

  • Richard S.

    The cost in pounds would be 312.00, this was done as of todays date, as far as delivery, these items along with any other rifle calibre you desire are on the shelf.They have anything you need in stock at most large sporting goods stores.Because of the high cost of ammo for this rifle. 7.00 pounds per fifty rounds, most wolf or coyote hunters go with the (.223 .556 round) or a 22.250, as the 17hmr ,is a little light for the job, the round is more suitable for our ground hogs, skunks and racoons.Hope this reply has answered your question.Richard.

  • RICK


  • david breedlove

    Yes can I buy left hand thumb hole for savage model 93R17. CAl 17. H.M.R

  • keith williamson

    Hello folks.Re the thumbhole stocked Savage in .17HMR.I have one it groups around 1 1.3″ @ 100 yds,I also have a C.Z same calibre Varmint model,a little bit more accurate,and I also have a “plastic “stocked Savage,same caliber.You may have noticed that I like the sweet 17’s. But the prices that you are paying are horendous!! My thumbhole one cost me Aus$591 as against 650 English Pounds!Ithink Aus$591 is about 260 Pounds.
    ? see what I mean?The plastic one Aus$390,the C.Z.Varmint Aus$799.Any way good luck yo you all,and keep on shooting,safely ,of course.Keith.

  • Richard S.

    I have just purchased 93R17 BTVS .17 in a left hand configuration, the cost in Canada from a store that had a tax free sale was $449.00CDN.
    It appears the prices in the UK are considerably more.
    Regards, Richard.

  • dealer

    Shooting times has printed the wrong price this is pre price increase price and should now be around the £650 price.
    shooting times should check the prices before going to print as many customers will be very disapointed when the go to there local gunshop and quote £505

  • keith maudling

    Does the savage 93R17 BTVS .17 come in a left handed version with a left handed thumbhole stock.

    Many thanks


  • A Allen

    My .17HMR Savage also acheives a group size at 100yds of less than one inch. At 50m I have been able to acheive a five round grouping with each cutting the other and covered by a 5p piece.